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Cimpler Real Estate Issued Patent for New Way of Buying a Home


The Cimpler Way method brings fresh air to real estate commission model and rewards buyers
and sellers for know how.


Burlingame, CA (PRWEB) March 17, 2014 -- Cimpler Real Estate® (Cimpler), a Burlingame based brokerage
company focused on simplifying home buying and selling, announced today that it received a patent from the
US Patent Office that covers a system supporting a new way of buying a home. The system blends home buyer
selected fee based brokerage services (referred to also as partial broker services) with the traditional
commission method. This patent could change how home buying and selling might be done in the future.
Cimpler predicts that within five years, partial broker services will be fully embraced by home buyers and
sellers in the Bay Area as they will significantly enhance traditional commission model.


The patent for invention number 8,666,837 (Method and Medium for Dynamic Re-Pricing Using Partial Broker
Services) is for a software system that displays the value of partial services selected by buyers and savings
reflected in the price of the house. Pricing and value of real estate agent services are no longer a mystery where
buyers can’t get information about what services they are paying for and how much.


“Today, most users are comfortable with looking for information online – including house searches. What they
need from an agent has changed over the years. Buyers still want someone to help validate that their decision is
a good one and that they understand and are following the process properly. They require less handholding but
still need a security blanket. They want to pay for what just what they need at a fair price,” said Cimpler’s
President Artur Urbanski.


For those reasons, the Cimpler Way method was created. You can see the types of transactions commonly used
by today’s buyers on the company website And if you require all services, the Cimpler price
for a comprehensive (“do it all”) service is still less than if you were to pay the full commission to your agent.
Cimpler has collaborated with other local real estate professionals and provides up-to-date resource to home
buyers. The Sharper Buyer ( is an online advisory whose goal is to educate home
buyers about options they have covering the newest methods and alternatives to buying a home without paying
full commission. Urbanski adds, “Buying a home carries a huge personal and financial responsibility. We
wanted to let buyers know that there are different ways of buying a home. Using a real estate professional is
still the best way to buy a house, but the commission method has alternatives.”


Demand for partial transaction services is growing as more consumers seek to better match the value of services
they receive to prices they pay. “Buyers are learning that adding commissions to the sale price of the house not
only artificially inflates the value of properties, but increases their mortgage and tax payments. I am an agent
and broker and I believe that it is the time that we, real estate professionals, can compete on value of services
we provide and not just on our longevity,” added Urbanski.


About Cimpler Real Estate


Real Estate (, located in Burlingame, CA is a real estate brokerage assisting San Francisco
Bay Area clients in buying and selling real estate using its Cimpler Way method since 2012. Cimpler Real
Estate was created in 2006 and provided innovative services in the past, including service enabling on-line
negotiations of real estate transactions. Additional information about the Cimpler Way method can be found at


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To the extent any statements made in this release contain information that is not historical, these statements are
essentially forward-looking and are subject to risks and uncertainties, including acceptance and demand for new
services, the impact of competitive products and pricing, new product development and launch, the regulatory
environment and other risks the Company may identify from time to time in the future.




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